Open your favorite color

What color are you in the mood for today? Open a gold one for a beautifully clean complexion, or treat yourself to a black one and experience the perfect feeling of softness. Green will add firmness and with orange you will experience unending vitality. Purple will calm you in the evening and brisk blue will wake you up in the morning. It’s only up to you which you want to enjoy today with Lindsay!


Pour in water and mix

It’s your ritual! Add water, mix and look forward to the moment when you are by yourself. Don’t allow any interruptions and savor your moment with Lindsay!

Enjoy the feeling as beauty penetrates your complexion

Quickly beautiful, forever young. Enjoy the feeling when you unveil beauty.

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About Lindsay

LINDSAY & COS INC. has been developing and producing quality aesthetic cosmetics since 2012. The production of modeling face masks is preceded by intensive in-house laboratory development directly in Korea.  In addition the basis has always been only natural ingredients without harmful substances.

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